For your convenience, the following two (2) optional plans are available for payment of annual tuitions:

PLAN 1: Single payment – The entire balance is paid by 4th June 2018.

PLAN 2: Four payments – Payments are made in four installments by Quarter and are due by 4th June 2018 (1st installment), 3rd September 2018 (2nd installment), 3rd December 2018 (3rd installment) and 4th March 2019 (4th installment), respectively.


  PLAN 1
single payment
four payments
4 Jun
4 Jun
3 Sep
3 Dec
4 Mar
iCAN PLAY (EYFS) - half day (LB1-6) 4630 1215 1215 1215 1215
Nursery (EYFS) -  half day (LB1-6)* 4630 1215 1215 1215 1215
Reception (EYFS) 9030 2370 2370 2370 2370
Years 1 & 2 (MP1) 9030 2370 2370 2370 2370
Years 3 & 4 (MP2) 9030 2370 2370 2370 2370
Years 5 & 6 (MP3) 9720 2552 2552 2552 2552
Years 7, 8 & 9 (Middle Years) 12040 3160 3160 3160 3160

 * Our Nursery unit may offer afternoon sessions during LB4-6 dependent on demand. There would be an additional fee for these sessions.


ENROLMENT FEE     EYFS & MP1: $1000      MP2 & MP3: $1500      Middle Years: $2000 ***

This enrolment fee is a one-time charge for new learners to iCAN (Nursery to Year 9) and for returning learners moving from iCAN PLAY to Nursery. The enrolment fee is 100% non-refundable or transferable if, after paying this fee, a family decided not to enrol or re-enrol their child at iCAN. Learners moving between key stages (MP1-MP2 and MP3-Middle Years) pay a $500 top-up enrolment fee when they return their re-enrolment form. ***There is an additional $2000 payable as a deposit when children enter Middle Years and this is returned when they leave iCAN at the end of Year 9.

ANNUAL CAPITAL FEE     $1200     iCAN PLAY & Nursery: $800     Reception-Year 9: $1200

This capital fee is required for all learners, new and returning, and is applied to cover the costs of maintaining the cleanliness and functionality of the iCAN campus & facilities, the maintenance and upgrade of the information technology available at iCAN, and to help fund future development at iCAN. This fee must be paid in full by, Monday 23rd April 2018. The capital fee is a non-refundable and non-transferable charge.

LUNCH (optional)     $60/month
Our 'healthy eating' lunch menus are available on our school website.

INTENSIVE E.A.L. (sessions offered at schools discretion)$200-250/month
iCAN may offer specialised assistance to learners who have limited English language skills. E.A.L. tuition is additional to the main tuition listed overleaf and is determined by proficiency assessment.

LEARNING SUPPPORT (this fee will be calculated on individual need)

1. All tuitions and fees are due on the indicated dates. Late payments will incur an additional $25 per week charge, which will continue to be added each week thereafter until the fees are made current. Failure to make payments within three (3) weeks will result in exclusion of your child from iCAN. In the case of there being a waiting list for your child’s class, the place will be given to the first child on that list

2. Payments may be made in the following ways:
a) US Dollar cheque drawn on a bank in Phnom Penh
b) Bank transfer into the school’s bank account
c) Cash

i) Transferring party is responsible to pay all bank transfer charges
ii) Any cash note determined to be fraudulent – whether by iCAN or by our registered bank is the responsibility of and shall be replaced by the family who supplied the note for payment.

3. Full tuition payment will be required for the quarter in which enrolment occurs, regardless of the date of enrolment – i.e. no partial quarterly payments will be allowed.

4. Refunds on paid tuitions will be granted at 90% value for learners leaving during the school year upon written requests only for full quarters not attended – i.e. no partial quarterly refunds will be given.

Notes: Refunds on tuition fees are applicable to learners being withdrawn from iCAN permanently and DO NOT apply to learners who are absent for a period of time but remain on roll.

5. New Learners: If requested by an individual family who pays school fees out of pocket, child number 3, 4, etc. may be granted a 10% discount on tuition fees only (excluding EAL and other fees: enrolment, capital, etc.). We do not discount our fees if you take extra holidays during school time or if your child is ill.