Learning At Ican


iCAN is a learning focused school. For us,

‘Learning is an ongoing journey of discovery. We can gain new knowledge; practise and improve our skills and develop our understanding through making connections and learning from our experiences.’*

*as defined by our learners, learning facilitators and iCAN families

The days of teachers standing at the front of the class and sharing their knowledge by methods such as preaching are gone. The days of rote learning and teaching to the test and children being expected to work on their own in competition with their peers are gone. The days of facilitating and supporting learning though offering carefully planned and challenging experiences and learners working together towards common goals are here. How exciting that is!  

Our children are going to be better prepared for taking their place in society as responsible, thoughtful, productive adults who recognise the importance of communication, collaborating and cooperating with others. Our curriculum is broad, diverse and caters for all learners. Our iCAN principle is to focus on a combination of academic, personal and international learning for children combined with innovative, exciting and engaging ways to learn.