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LB1 2023-2024


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ISPP Swim Meet - September 30th

YAPP Football at ISPP - October 4th





Friday 22nd September

Star of the week LB1 Week 7

For being a fantastic Risk Taker and playing in the big pool during water play.
For being a principled learner who listens respectfully and is a risk-taker trying out different learning activities.
For being a risk taker during Literacy, and using the evidence he had gathered to create a wanted poster independently. Well done!
For being so cooperative during team building activities this week. Jason communicates so clearly and is so supportive to his teammates.
For being adaptable working with and helping your shoulder partner and doing some great maths, literacy and learning journey learning.
For being a wonderful, supportive learning partner and coach, encouraging and helping always. You communicate your strategies so well.
For being principled and asking for help and clarification on tasks to ensure he is doing the best he can.
For being principled and cooperative when bringing in resources for the class to use.