Friday 17th November

Maths Day 2023

♻️Yesterday, for their annual Maths Day event, our learners set up their very own zero waste food and drinks court in the iCAN garden. In their maths lessons leading up to the event, they had been surveying, calculating costs, weighing and measuring to create their final products. From fresh fruit ice lollies to smoothie stations, the learners set up their stalls and sold their products in an attempt to make the most profit they could. They had to think carefully about reducing waste and using an environmentally friendly packaging such as banana leaves or upcycled glass jars. Each learner had 20,000 riel to spend and had to calculate what they could afford to buy at each of the stalls and then work out the correct change. ♻️


Star of the week LB2 Week 5

For being a super thinker and finding all the tricky rhyming words in the story. Well done!
For being a creative thinker and doing some brilliant crafting. You were cooperative and shared your ideas with your friends. Well done!
For being a great risk taker and using your imagination in order to act out what could happen next in our literacy story.
For being so expressive and enthusiastic during drama activities in Y2. Thank you for being such a risk taker.
For always being so principled and respectful. You always try your best and you are so polite and kind.
For being a principled learner in the classroom by giving his best effort on all his learning, but also being a kind friend in the playground by making the right choices to support others. Well done!
For being a magical thinker when writing a biography about the character of Harry Potter which was full of important facts!
For using your thinkers and enquirers skills in your writing, to create a fascinating descriptive setting.